If you could do anything you wanted right now, what would it be?
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  1. w-wendigo answered: I would go the beach, sit in the shallows, and read a book, preferably naked apart from some sunglasses.
  2. skinnystranger answered: meet the guy i like for the first time…
  3. elenaflutterby answered: Fly <3
  4. jemappellehanne answered: travel/get away from here
  5. le--petit--prince answered: I Like Your Blog <3
  6. monosyllable answered: eat chocolate. and then a burger. and then watch 30 rock. mmmm
  7. cindaaaaay answered: talk to him.
  8. volamus answered: I’d tell him
  9. hypochromia answered: cuddle with him and hold him tightly : )
  10. abbracci answered: I would tell him I’m sorry and that I’ve loved him all along.
  11. boltinthenight answered: skip the country!
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